this campaign is not against mattel inc., simply against the idea that women should look like barbie

i am NOT a barbie girl

this campaign is not against the song "barbie girl" by aqua, either

Hard work, courage, and determination. THAT'S what little girls are made of. I hate the Barbie image. Imagine all those little girls out there buying the doll and expecting to look like her when they're older. In reality, if Barbie were a real woman, she'd be 6 feet 2", have a waist measurement of 26 inches, and a chest measuremeant of 42". Real feminisim and beauty comes from intelligence and allure. My campaign is simply for fun, so if you're offended, just leave. If you agree with me, follow the directions below...

Step 1: Realize that girls can kick ass without smearing their eyeliner. :0)

Step 2: Follow the directions below to post a button on your page

copy the html below and paste it on your page
<a href=""><img src="" alt="not a barbie girl"></a>

Feel free to link the image from my server, and please help me to create more buttons! Thanks, guys.